Grant Application Process


Before creating an account and starting your application, please read over our Grant Application Guidelines on "Our Grant Process" page.



Step 1:  Contact our office so we can best guide you if now is the right time to apply. Please review our mission statement, our priorities, and our philosophy to ensure your work aligns with our grant-making priorities.

Step 2: Every organization must have created an account in order to apply for funding. There is only one designated account for each organization. If you do not have an account, you must create one. If at any time you do not know the login credentials for your organization, please contact Alison Buccini, Programs and Office Administrator,  at 901-726-3147 or



All existing accounts should use the Log-In To My Account link to access saved applications and requirements. 

There is only one account holder for each organization. Should there be a change in your account or should you not be able to access the password, please notify Alison Buccini, Programs and Office Administrator at 901-726-3147 or to assist with changes to account holders or setting up a new password.



Step 1: New and existing accounts must log in at the Application Portal.

Step 2: After creating an account, click the "Apply" link on the left hand side. You will be directed to the application landing page. Select the correct "Grant Process" for which you will be applying.

Step 3: You will then be directed to the grant application questions. The application will be saved as you work. If you log out, you will be able to access your information at any time by logging back into your account.

Step 4: Please ensure you have answered all required fields in the grant application. You will not be able to submit if all required fields are not completed.

Step 5: Please upload all of the required forms as listed in the grant application. If you do not have a specific document required, please upload a document explaining why and when we can expect it.  Required forms include a list of the active Board of Directors, Current Annual Operating Budget and/or Itemized Project Expenses.

Step 6: If you have completed steps 1–5, your application is ready to submit. Once you click Submit, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours of submission. If you do not receive this, check your spam filter. Be sure you click submit as we have had incidences where applications were not received because they were not submitted.

If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Alison Buccini, Programs and Office Administrator, at

Notifications of grant decisions are made through phone calls, emails and grant letters.  Should you be awarded funding, we do require you ask permission before making any public announcement of the gift.

The important thing is to take your idea and see it through.

Kemmons Wilson