Strengthening Faith

Our Faith Drives Our Philanthropy

We believe in the scripture found in Luke 12:48 which says, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required. . ." Our founders, Kemmons and Dorothy raised their five children with Christian values and their children continue to pass those values on within their families.  We believe we have a responsibility to share our faith and act upon our faith. 

Dorothy and Kemmons Wilson Speaker Series

One of our key offerings through the foundation has been through our Dorothy and Kemmons Wilson Speaker Series held annually at Christ United Methodist Church.  We bring in a well-known Christian author and speaker to provide a message of love and hope to all who attend. We hosted Tommy Spaulding, author of The Heart Led Leader in April 2016.

Tommy Spaulding, author of "The Heart Led Leader" spoke at the 11th annual Dorothy and Kemmons Wilson Speaker Series luncheon on April 5, 2016 at Christ United Methodist Church.  His Christ centered message encouraged the group of over 300 guests to responded to those we encounter with our hearts and not our heads.  His various examples of heart-led leaders in the world inspired this group to lead with the love of Christ and change the world.

We are deliberate in seeking community organizations who are driven by their faith to advance our city's needs and who show strong impact and results for the work they accomplish. 

A person has to take risks to achieve.
Kemmons Wilson