Grant Follow Up Requirements

Grant Follow Up Requirements

We have two types of grant requirements when you have an active grant relationship with KWFF.

Grant Updates: We require grant updates to be submitted at least once during your grant term depending on the length of the grant and the complexity of the funding request. All grant partners receive a grant contract and often the grant requirement(s) are listed so please refer to the terms of your agreement if you have any questions. You may also contact Carrie Burke, Director of Grant Relations at cburke [at] kwff [dot] org if you need a new copy of your contract.

In order to complete a grant update, you must log into your account and click on the Requirements tab. You should see the tab at the top left corner of your account, adjacent to the Applications tab. Once you open the Requirements tab, you will see any completed submissions or existing grant updates that need to be submitted. Select the proper Grant Update Form with the corresponding date and complete the form.

Closing Grants Final Report: When your grant term ends, we require a separate final report submission. We will communicate with you the expectations of this report and send you the form to complete. We will also require 5–10 photos to showcase your accomplishments with the grant. Every organization has an opportunity to be highlighted in our Annual Report or on our website with the information provided so by sending us the photos you are agreeing that we may use the photos in our publications. It is critical to provide us with accurate and descriptive information about the grant you received.

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