Faithful Stewardship

Faithful Stewardship

One of the priorities of the family foundation is to provide opportunities for philanthropy education in an effort to remain responsive to our community and to ensure the grant partners selected have the necessary support to accomplish their mission.  Our staff builds trusted relationships with grant partners and actively engages in conversation around each organization’s needs so our grant process remains relevant.

Stewardship Highlights

My Cup of Tea

Located in the iconic restored Victorian duplex in the heart of Orange Mound, My Cup of Tea (MCOT) opened its doors to the community in 2015 through the vision of founders Carey and Rick Moore. The organization's mission is to build lasting cross-cultural relationships with and provide meaningful employment and job skills for Orange Mound women living in poverty. The multi-use location also serves as the Orange Mound Resource Center, and where most women in the community first learn about MCOT while seeking assistance with an emergency need. The women served by MCOT are all at or below the poverty level, struggle with literacy, food insecurity and transportation. 

MCOT uses a holistic approach to help women of the community, offering a job skills training program, financial literacy training, voluntary Bible study, training on the tea growing and packing industry, and part-time employment via selling MCOT products. MCOT also works with staff to prepare them for full-time, higher-paying opportunities outside of the organization. KWFF is excited to provide a gift in support of their strategic plan to be self-sustaining and employ 50 women by 2025.

There’s an openness to others, to serving and showing empathy to neighbors. There’s an encouragement to take the opportunities given to you. The House is a little light shining in the community.”- April Powell, MCOT Employee

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My Cup Of Tea


Tech901 provides technology training and certification to Memphians through a series of programs that increase the supply of trained tech workers in Memphis in order to both assist the needs of our local companies and also to attract high-profile employers to our city. The I.T. field is unique in the number of openings and opportunities it offers for professional development. In Memphis alone, there are at least 6,000 I.T. jobs and more openings than applicants. It is estimated that there will be a demand of 10,000 jobs in the I.T. field by 2025. 

KWFF proudly invested in expansion ofTech901's Launching Better Jobs and Higher Wages Through IT Training  program. Under the leadership of Robert Montague, Tech901 has trained 510 students in 634 trainings since opening its doors in 2015.

I got involved in Tech901 as a volunteer because I am passionate about training American developers and the U.S. producing its own. I didn’t realize I would end up benefiting from the program.”- Bob Fortenberry, Founder and Principal Consultant at RH Fortenberry Consulting. Several of Fortenberry’s Tech901 hires have been working on-site at Memphis-based IMC Cos., a national network of intermodal businesses, through an IT contract with Fortenberry Consulting.

Tech901 2

Creative Aging

Knowing the importance of a strong digital presence, KWFF partnered with Creative Aging, an arts-based, senior serving nonprofit, in their strategic goal to update their website and rebrand their organization. Creative Aging opened in 2003 to enhance the quality of life for Mid-South seniors by stimulating their minds, creativity, and sense of self through arts programs that engage, educate and entertain. As people continue to live longer, there is a renewed emphasis on healthy aging. Numerous studies support the finding that music and the arts promote good health. The Music and arts experiences provided by the organization promote cognitive vitality, reduce isolation, and provide opportunities for community engagement.

Creative Aging’s musical performances and hands-on art workshops reach a socio-economically diverse audience, making access to the arts a reality for our aging community. The organization has provided over 6,000 performance hours to underserved seniors, as well as simultaneously supporting a vibrant local arts community by hiring talented local musicians and artists in the Memphis community. The number of communities served has increased from 47 senior communities in March 2017 to 61 senior communities in March 2018, an increase of 30%.

Creative Aging helps us live our story more fully engaged in present experiences while remembering and building on past experiences. These performances nurture our health, make us smile, and are beneficial for our families and for the artists who serve.” – Elsie McLemore, Community Volunteer



HopeWorks is a faith-based organization providing hope and opportunity through adult education, job skills training, job placement and wrap-around case management for adults who want to work, but experience the most barriers to obtaining/retaining employment. KWFF Is pleased to continue our partnership by providing support for Project Safety Net: Wrap Around Case Management.

During almost 30 years of service, HopeWorks has graduated over 1200 students from the Personal and Career Development (PCD) classes. In 2017 HopeWorks served 148 people and graduated 101 from the PCD (work readiness) classes, and in the adult education program, over 547 people received a high school equivalency diploma and 3,000 were actively attending classes.

“…they’ve given me some skills on how to govern myself in the workforce place and centered all around God”

“…I’ve learned a lot about myself, what I like, what I want to do. I’ve got the tools, I’ve got the people backing me up. I’ve never had that before. I’ve never had people telling me, “You Can Do It!””



Our 2018 Grant Partners

KWFF is proud to continue help make Memphis great by granting $1,533,450 this year. Our grant partners include:

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